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Handle all business activities in one simple ERP solution that covers project planning, production, Human resources and product delivery.
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Automating your business process for increased efficiency and productivity

Mindgenic offers an exceptional ERP software that improves the efficiency of your business and reduces your time and expense. Our system acts as a central repository for storing all organizational records which are automatically collected from the integrated applications. It enables the enterprise to access the data easily from the user-friendly interface. We offer ERP development services to all SMEs and large organizations across the world; our comprehensive ERP application offers smooth functionality and improved productivity to the users.

Popular ERP Modules

SCM ERP Software

We provide ERP Software for your business supply chain management process. This SCM Software helps you to manage your whole supply chain process like, supply of raw materials, production, distribution and all into a single application which provides easy monitoring and decision making.

Warehouse Software

We develop you a warehouse software through which you can control your organization's inbound logistics, outbound logistics, inventory, and shipping costs. Building a warehouse management software can minimize your TCO(Total Cost of Operation).

Order Management Software

Developing software for the order-to-cash process can make business sale smooth and eliminates the manual power for converting order quotes to order fulfillment with successful payments.

Financial Management Software

Our developers can develop software to manage daily financial transactions and other activities based on the finance of your organization. They provide a way to integrate financial management software with your CRM, Inventory and e-commerce functions

CRM Software

Our experts can offer you CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) Software which collects the entire flow of information from your customer . This can help you in managing global sales and customers

HRM Software

Human Resource Management is a heart of organization as it holds the complete data of all employees. We develop a single platform to manage your whole organization's HRM processes like payroll calculation, employee data storage, employee's work experience and all other activities related to human resources.

Why Mindgenic?

Better UI & UX design
Meet customer expectations
Error-free delivery
Transparent service
Tailored for your unique business needs
Focuses on customer satisfaction more than revenue building
Agile development methodology
Accuracy in results beyond your expectation level

Hire Our Developers

Our company offers you an ERP development team of industry and product experts that includes experienced ERP developers, QA-engineers, project managers, business analysts, and IT consultants. When we start our collaboration, our business analysts hold meetings with the non-technical or technical staff of your organization to clearly understand your business processes and requirements to a software product, analyze complex company information and then prepare detailed documentation on project implementation. Afterwards, our well-versed ERP developers create an ERP system according to the needs of your organization.

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